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Colonial Tavern History

Colonial Tavern, Home To The Irish Brigade In December 1862, a battle was being fought right here in Fredericksburg. One of the major battles to take place during the second year of the American Civil War, it involved brave Irish soldiers on both sides of the field.

The Irish Regiment, out of Georgia, was defending Marye's Heights, just down the road from where you are sitting today, and the Irish Brigade, out of Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania was told to take the hill at all costs. The cost was devastatingly high, and in the few days of that battle, 5,300 Confederate troops and 12,600 Federal troops were killed, wounded or missing. Almost two-thirds of them fell before the wall trying to take Marye's Heights.

Here we celebrate the bravery of all of those men, in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie, and hope everyone can put aside their differences long enough to sit back and enjoy a pint, the hospitality of the establishment, and the atmosphere of people that make Fredericksburg unique.

This community cornerstone is known for a friendly staff, delicious Irish | American fare, and cold Irish beer. The restaurant is housed inside the original depot, of the former Virginia Central Railway. New employee owners Michael Papapetrou and Jared Gunter feels humbled that the Colonial Tavern is voted among the “Best 8 Pubs in Virginia,” for the 2nd year Visit for Monday Night Open Mic, more live music on Wednesday-Saturday nights and some weekend afternoons. Sundays feature brunch and free evening trivia. Our hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 11:30am-midnight, Friday 11:30am-2am, and Sunday 11am-9pm. Food is served until an hour before closing. Check out the current menus and entertainment scheduled at